Styrofoam 3D panel "PILLOW #3"

A novelty on the European market of interior finishing!

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Through the use of a smoother and more subdued structure, these wall boards will make the interior cozy and warm. Ideally suited for the arrangement of small and large spaces.

The panel is made similarly to Styrofoam ceiling tiles, which can be painted with any colour of acrylic paint.

Panels are installed to the wall with Styrofoam glue, which can be purchased in any construction store. The best way to install panels is to buy Styrofoam glue in tube. Then, the dirt will be kept to a minimum. The adhesive is applied directly to the back of the panel and glued to the wall. After drying, the panels should be painted on any colour.
More information can be found in the product card that can be downloaded here.

The vast advantage of the panels compared to gypsum panels available on the market is their LOW WEIGHT and that they are EASY TO TRANSPORT. One panel weighs only 258 grams. Bringing the panels home and up to the floor is no effort.

Panels have dimensions of 50,0 cm x 50,0 cm and thickness of about 3,9 cm; a dozen square meters of a wall can be covered in a few hours without even getting dirty (tube glue)! Panels can be freely cut with a wallpaper cutter.

3D EPS decoratiove panel
9 panels joined together
3D EPS decoratiove panel
The seam between panels
3D EPS decoratiove panel
The seam between panels
3D EPS decoratiove panel
The seam between panels

Product technical data sheet

3D EPS decoratiove panel
One panel - dimensions

Download the data sheet

Technical parameters:

Height: 50,0 cm
Width: 50,0 cm
Thickness: 3,9 cm
Weight of 1 panel: 258 grams
Material density: 35kg/m3 +/- 5% (Styrofoam hardness is similar to boards or ceiling rosettes)
Material: EPS (Styrofoam) for construction, self-extinguishing.


Panels are packed in foil bags of 2 pcs which is 0,50m2.
Bulk packaging contains cartons measuring 50x50x88cm. In one carton there are 11 packs of 2 pcs., total of 5,5 m2.

Purpose and scope of application

DECORTENA decorative panels are intended for indoor use. Installation of panels to walls or ceilings is done by using commercially available adhesives for Styrofoam. It is recommended to use glue in tube, which provides convenient applying on the panel and then installing to the wall or ceiling. Products are not resistant to organic solvents such as acetone, nitro compounds, petrol, etc. Do not install panels near heat sources.

Installation instructions

Apply a layer of glue to the smooth surfaces of the panels' contact with the substrate. The substrate, on which the panel will be installed, should be even, dry, free from dust and grease. When installing panels on paint coatings, peel off the paint as well as cracked and fallen plaster. Large surface defects must be filled with spackling paste so that the contact point of the panel with the substrate is smooth.

Installation of decorative panels

EPS decorative panels allow great freedom of interior design due to easy cutting of shapes with a wallpaper cutter. Panels can be installed in fragments forming protruding motifs on a smooth wall or cover a whole or larger area. To cover the entire surface of the wall, start with one of the corners and arrange the panels in parallel rows. Before installing the first panel, cut off the protruding elements to get a straight vertical edge.

Apply the adhesive only to the back of the panel. When gluing, press the panel firmly, while paying attention to not damage the decorative surface. Panels are designed for painting with water-based paints.

Storage, transport, safety

Products should be transported and stored in manufacturer's packaging, stored in rooms away from sources of open flames or high temperatures. Each bulk packaging is labelled with at least the following information: manufacturer's name and address, trade name, product symbol.

The product does not require special precautions. The product is not intended for children. Products are recyclable.


The minimum order is 2 pcs of panels.